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Township pledges $50,000 toward restoration of the Point Clark Harbour

By: Liz Dadson
August 12, 2017

Huron-Kinloss council has agreed to put $50,000 toward the Point Clark Boat Club's harbour restoration project.

At the committee-of-the-whole meeting Wednesday night (Aug. 9), club president Paul Grominsky and club member Ellen Lowry, presented a proposal to raise $150,000 to fix up the harbour area so it is safe to use.

"I am requesting a $50,000 grant from the township toward the improvements," said Grominsky. "As you are aware, the storm sewer from the Point Clark area drains into our harbour. This has caused some major repairs that are necessary on our part. We need to repair the steel walls of the harbour around the storm pipe area and there are major holes around the pipe. Silt and other foreign matter, that have been dumped into the catch basin, have built up at the end of the termination of storm pipe."

He estimated the cost to repair the walls and dredge out the area to be $10,000 to $15,000, and expects there will be ongoing dredging of this area every couple of years.

"The Point Clark Boat Club Inc. Association is asking that you, as a township, help with the costs for storm pipe repairs and any future costs related to dumping of water," said Grominsky. "We would also request that the township take care of any grass-cutting along the harbour and pier area. Remember, a healthy and prosperous area brings in tourists who spend money in the area."

In a fund-raising letter, the club notes that the Point Clark harbour is in desperate need of repairs for safety reasons. The club's fund-raising goal is $150,000 to help with the following renovations:
  • Repairs of harbour walls
  • Dredging of north side of harbour
  • New docks for renters and members
  • New fencing around the front area of the harbour launch
  • Fence around the harbour for the safety of walkers and anglers, young and old
  • A four-foot walkway for the elderly, youth and physically-challenged individuals, around the pier
  • Trees to accent and define the launch area
  • Park benches along the front and pier
  • New halogen lighting on poles around the harbour area
  • Solar lighting on all posts of the new fencing
  • Safety cameras for all corners
  • Signage boards for announcements
  • Gazebo on the north mouth of the pier
  • Grading and grass area around the entire launch area and pier
  • Painting of steel harbour walls

All donations of $1,000 or more for corporations and $300 or more for private, will be recognized for their contributions on a plaque.

The letter states that if the club's goal cannot be reached, in order to make the necessary repairs, the club will have to limit access to the harbour and pier area to members only.
A report by treasurer Jodi MacArthur recommends council pledge $50,000 in support, to be funded from the municipal capital projects reserve, with $10,000 granted this year for harbour wall repairs, and up to $40,000 for additional project components as outlined in the fund-raising plan and authorized by municipal staff.

MacArthur said that staff met with the club's executive to discuss the repairs to the harbour walls. Due to restrictions around working in the water, this work must be done in the late summer or fall.

The necessary repairs are estimated at $20,000, said MacArthur. The boat club has $10,000 to put toward this part of the project and is committed to undertaking this work as a minimum to maintain a safe harbour.

Staff is pleased with the club's plans, said MacArthur, and believes this is an important investment in the Point Clark area that will provide benefit for years to come. Staff is willing to assist the club find grant and sponsorship opportunities, and is recommending funds from the municipal capital projects reserve, from an unclaimed tax sale proceeding earmarked for a Point Clark parks/recreation/leisure project, be used to pledge up to $50,000 to this project.

Committee-of-the-whole agreed with the staff recommendation which will come forward for final approval at the council meeting Aug. 21.
Point Clark harbour photos courtesy of the Point Clark Boat Club


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