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Sunshine, great crowd at 166th annual Kincardine Fall Fair

By: Liz Dadson
September 10, 2017

Sunshine and a great crowd combined to make the 166th annual Kincardine Fall Fair a tremendous success.

From Friday to Sunday, Sept. 1-3, there were plenty of activities for everyone to enjoy, from the Bubble Zone to the zipline, from bale-tossing to bale-rolling, archery, inflatables, the fabulous parade, the crowning of Priya Kalra as the new fall fair ambassador, along with Heidi Allen as junior ambassador and Ivy Cruickshank as mini-ambassador, as well as the 4-H beef show and dairy show, the poultry show, and so much more.

It was a particular joy to see a large crowd around the show ring, with adults taking in the animal shows, while the children were playing on the inflatable rides and having fun.

The Kincardine Agricultural Society is to be commended for putting on such a great fair.

The following are the fall fair results:



Students achieving most points in each school:

Lily Tremblay, Elgin Market (Grade 3) – 15 points

Casey Beisel, Huron Heights (Grades 5 and 6) – 24 points

Ella Matthews, KTTPS (Grade 2) – 14 points

Isaac & Oscat, St. Anthony's (Grade 3) – 5 points each



Decorated bicycle, tricycle or doll carriage -

1st prize - Abby Norcliffe

2nd prize - Meegan Fuller

3rd prize - Stella Grundy

Other participants - Shayleigh Nolan, Roy Norcliffe, Rory Norcliffe, Bennet Clemmer, Ethan Clemmer, Ellie Clemmer, Avery Grundy, Alexa Grundy, Emily Fisher, Mason Fisher


Theme Special (Country Pride) - Joke Gutter, Kincardine

Home Grown Preserves Special - Dianne Atkinson, Tiverton

Display from my Garden Special - Betty Jean white, Kincardine

Most points overall – Joke Gutter, Kincardine

New Exhibitor with most points – Steve Lillico, Bayfield



Most points overall and New Exhibitor with Most Points – Jacob Dykeman, Kincardine


Most Points for New Exhibitor – Steve Lillico, Bayfield

Overall Grand Champion
1st - Steve Lillico, Bayfield

2nd - Joke Gutter, Kincardine

A great flower show this year, with a substantial increase in exhibits.



Bernardin Jelly Special – Karen Whittle

Best in Show – Steve Bowley

Gift Pack Special – Dianne Atkinson

Creative Craft Award – Elsie Schuler

Best Lunch Box Snack/Chocolate Chip Cookies – Morgan Hoffarth

Crisco Family Favourite/Cherry Tarts – Elsie Schuler

Robin Hood Family Favourite/Zucchini Loaf – Fran Stewart

Overall winner
1st - Colleen Craig

2nd – Steve Bowley



Overall winner – Dana Craig



Grand Champion, hand-quilted - Marlene Reid, Kincardine

Reserve Champion, hand-quilted – Elsie Schuler, Teeswater

Grand Champion, machine-quilted – Katherine Gowing, Tiverton

Most points in sections 1 to 14 – Katherine Gowing, Tiverton

Most points in sections 15 to 45 – Bessie Farrell, Kincardine

Most points for New Exhibitor – Gloria Lillico, Bayfield

Judge's Choice – Marlene Reid, Kincardine

Fourteen exhibitors, including six new exhibitors.



Overall best group of four – Gloria Lillico, Bayfield

Overall best single – Dianne Atkinson, Tiverton

Comment from the judge – good quality photos.



Overall winner – Graham Schweigher



Judge's Choice in Drawing class – Avy Mowle

Judge's Choice in Crafts - Marlene Reid

Christmas Display – Katherine MacDonald

Halloween Display – Katherine MacDonald

Wall Hanging - Elsie Schuler



Judge's choice, 5 yrs. and under - Claire Ferguson

Judge's choice, 6 – 12 yrs. - Kaitlyn Ferguson

Judge's Choice, 13 – 16 yrs., Heidi Allen



Intermediate Level -1st, Laura McTiernan



Champion Exotic Female - Bailey McConnell

Champion British Female – Austina Bellamy

Champion British Bull – Conner Dixon

Champion Beef Animal – Bailey McConnell

Champion Breeder's Herd and Get of Sire – Rick-sha Farm



Champion calf – Bailey McConnell

Reserve Champion Calf – Austina Bellamy

Champion Showman – Austina Bellamy

Reserve Champion Showman – Bailey McConnell



Junior Showmanship
1st – Ratja Rechsteiner, Listowel

2nd – Katrina Gubelmann, Walton

3rd – Hannah Stewart, Kincardine

Intermediate Showmanship
1st – Anna DeBoer, Brussels

2nd – Julia Ferrier, Kincardine

3rd – Sjoerd DeBoer, Brussels

Senior Showmanship – Ashley McConnell, Kincardine

Junior Champion Female – Norval McConnell, Kincardine

Reserve Junior Female – Calvin McConnell, Kincardine

Grand Champion Female – Stephan Gubelmann, Walton

Reserve Grand Champion – Stephan Gubelmann, Walton

Judge – Larry Bennet, Caledon

Brown Swiss Miss – Ratja Rechsteiner, Listowel



Grand Champion Mare – Teresa Schell

Grand champion Gelding – Torrance Pennington Vock

Grand Champion Stallion – Teresa Schell


The poultry show was a great success. There were plenty of entries this year, and again, junior members made a tremendous impact as did both local exhibitors and those who travelled from as far as Paris, Ontario.

This year’s judge, Norm Saito, of Brantford, took the time to interact with the public and youth, providing them with an opportunity for questions and answers. He also took the time to explain to the junior exhibitors what was good about their entries and what needed improving, in terms of traits to breed for or to get away from.

In the Junior class, the winner of both the Bantam pair and Duck pair was Elsa Jielsen.

The winner of the Best Standard Poultry was local exhibitor Dean Fidler with his Sumatra Hen (also the Best Standard Female).

James Tilt of Paris had the Best Standard Male with his Minorca Cockerel.

The best Bantam was won by Elsa Jielsen with her Silkie A.C. Hen (also best Bantam female), while Dean Fidler won best
Bantam Male with his White Cochin rooster.

In the waterfowl division, James Tilt swept the board with the Best Goose being his Embden Gander, and the Best Duck was his Rouen Duck. His Embden Gander won not only the Best Waterfowl but was also the Grand Champion of the


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