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Huron-Bruce MPP still pushing for government action on industrial wind turbine noise complaints

By: Huron-Bruce MPP Lisa Thompson's office
September 12, 2017

It's been three months since Huron-Bruce MPP Lisa Thompson asked the former Ontario minister of environment and climate change to immediately address noise complaints related to industrial wind turbines, but the Liberal government has failed to take any tangible action since.

"Premier Kathleen Wynne must start taking these concerns seriously, and address them now," says Thompson.
In question period Tuesday (Sept. 12), Thompson once again drove home the point that during the summer, residents continued to prove over and over again that they never receive any response to their complaints, or any action on their files, from the ministry of environment and climate change.
"At the end of last session, (former minister) Glen Murray promised to take action," she said. "In question period April 12, he even stated 'No one should have to suffer noise or noise pollution from any source, and certainly not wind turbines in their community'.
"In August, I wrote a letter to the new minister (Chris Ballard) inviting him to visit these people and their homes to see first-hand the impact that industrial wind turbines are having on residents, yet I have still not received a reply. It's shameful that the premier, and the current minister of environment are not taking action. Enough is enough."
Despite a direct ask from Thompson to address the noise complaints and engage in site visits with residents, the minister stuck to his talking points and refused to confirm if he would take any action.
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