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Where is the accountability?

June 11, 2021

To the Editor:

There seems to be some confusion (or do we call it planted suspicion) surrounding the South Bruce Willingness Study. Let’s clear up some of the misinformation being purposefully spread around the community. 

The Nuclear Waste Management Organization (NWMO) and the Municipality of South Bruce are not looking to “define” willingness. They are well aware of what “willing” means as they are both groups of intelligent individuals.  

The purpose of the study is to determine how the residents of the municipality would like to express their willingness. Yes, there is a very vocal opposition group screaming for a referendum, but the municipality is doing its due diligence to ensure community members have the opportunity to express their opinions.  

We are seeing time and time again this radical opposition group taking the smallest detail of this project and spinning it every which way imaginable in order to instill doubt within the community. Do its members care if what they say is true? Do they always spread conspiracy theories as fact? Where is the accountability?

There are community members spreading misinformation purposefully and knowingly, in order to sway people's opinions. How is that fair to their neighbours and community members who genuinely want to learn about the project? Is it ethical to misinform and manipulate people on purpose?

We all hold the NWMO and the municipality to strict standards of honesty and transparency. Why are those standards not being applied to activists as well?

Sheila Whytock

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