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‚ÄčKenneth Craig is new mayor of Kincardine; Don Murray is new mayor in Huron-Kinloss

October 24, 2022

Kenneth Craig (above left, with Andrea Clarke) is the new mayor of Kincardine, following Monday’s municipal election.

Joining him at the council table, will be deputy mayor Andrea Clarke, councillors Mike Hinchberger, Rory Cavanagh, and Jennifer Prenger, Ward 1 councillors (acclaimed) Doug Kennedy and Beth Blackwell, Ward 2 councillor Bill Stewart, and Ward 3 councillor Amanda Steinhoff-Gray.

The unofficial results show that Craig took the win with 2,776 votes (59.3%), ahead of fellow candidate, Laura Haight, who had 1,905 votes (40.7%). There were 4,741 votes cast for mayor, and 60 abstained.

Clarke won with 2,838 votes (60.8%), followed by Gerry Glover with 960 (20.6%) and Uli Hack with 867 (18.6%). There were 4,741 votes cast for deputy mayor and 76 abstained.

Rory Cavanagh (left) and Amanda Steinhoff-Gray are two of the new members of Kincardine council, following Monday's municipal election

Hinchberger led the race for councillor-at-large with 2,814 votes (23.6%), followed by Cavanagh with 2,788 votes (23.4%) and Prenger with 1,927 votes (16.2%). Jeff Hegmans had 1,613 votes (13.5%), Scott Wilson had 1,137 votes (9.5%), Carla Glover had 1,088 votes (9.1%), and Jim David had 540 votes (4.5%). There were 4,741 votes cast for councillor-at-large, and 178 abstained.

In Ward 2, incumbent Stewart had 668 votes (54.5%), ahead of Carol Blake who had 409 votes (33.3%), and Linda McKee with 152 votes (12.4%). There were 1,256 votes cast for Ward 2 councillor and 27 abstained.

In Ward 3, Steinhoff-Gray had 474 votes (68.7%), ahead of Bill McKeeman with 216 votes (31.3%). There were 705 votes cast for Ward 3 councillor and 15 abstained.

Voter turn-out was 45.1 per cent, 6.1 per cent higher than in 2018. The official results will be released Tuesday.

“I’m very humbled,” said Craig, after seeing the results. “I appreciate my family and everyone who worked on my campaign. And I congratulate Laura (Haight) on a great campaign. I also appreciate all the candidates who put their names forward in this election.

“I look forward to an exciting four years. I believe this council is going to do some great things. I’m thrilled that the voter turn-out was as high as it was. The voters have chosen the people they believe will do the best job for this municipality, out of a good slate of candidates.”

Haight congratulated Craig on becoming mayor of Kincardine.

“The next four years should be incredible for the municipality and I wish the new council members all the best as they guide us through this next term.”

The current council will meet one more time, Nov. 14, with the inaugural meeting slated for Wednesday, Nov. 16, at 5 p.m., and the first regular meeting of the new council, Monday, Nov. 21, at 5 p.m.


Meanwhile, in Huron-Kinloss, Don Murray is the new mayor, with Jim Hanna as deputy mayor, and returning councillors Carl Sloetjes and Ed McGugan joined by new councillors Scott Gibson, Shari Flett and Larry Allison.

Murray had 1,650 votes (55.5%), ahead of Angela Thompkins who had 1,248 votes (42%) and Roxy Bergman with 73 votes (2.5%).

Hanna had 1,914 votes (66.7%), ahead of Perry Elliott who had 956 votes (33.3%).

Sloetjes led the way for councillor, with 1,793 votes (15.6%), followed by McGugan with 1,726 votes (15%), Gibson with 1,691 votes (14.7%), Flett with 1,541 votes (13.4%), and Allison with 1,528 votes (13.3%). Lillian Abbott had 1,466 votes (12.7%), Brian MacEachern had 1,052 votes (9.1%), and Alan Stanley Church had 715 votes (6.2%).

These are also unofficial results.


Incumbent Jan Johnstone continues as Bluewater District School Board trustee; and incumbent Lori Di Castri continues as Bruce-Grey Catholic District School Board trustee.

Johnstone had 4,530 votes, ahead of fellow candidate Ray Richards who had 1,905 votes.

Di Castri had 548 votes, ahead of fellow candidate Allan Kempert who had 285 votes.

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