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Spring - the season of melting snow, crocuses, and pot holes!

April 13, 2023

It’s spring! The season of melting snow, birds singing, crocuses blooming and pot holes! The latter seem particularly prevalent in this town and lots of road-mending is necessary.

In days gone by, keeping the roads in shape for those needing to use them, was the responsibility of the adjacent landowners who were required to dedicate a certain number of hours to road work.

Since these pictures were taken at the corner of Concession 8 and the Saugeen Road, I don’t know whether Grandpa Pollock was fulfilling his obligations or if he might have been hired by the township. The houses in the background are still recognizable today.

Grandpa with his double-hitch is about to head east at the corner, dragging the gravel; photos courtesy of Ruth Anne Hollands Robinson

Which neighbours these are with their heavy drag, I do not know

As they still do today, these farmers got together to share in jobs that had to be done. They might follow the threshing gang from farm-to-farm or join in a corn harvest or woodcutting “bee.”

Of course, they shared in helping out a neighbour who had suffered some misfortune and was unable to do his planting or harvesting.

I’m not sure why all these teams are in one place but I wonder if the occasion was a “bee” in the Pine River area. It could even have been an Agricultural Fair day or a Plowing Match.

The two teams on the left belonged to Grandpa Pollock; I wish I had names for some of the others, undoubtedly neighbours around Pine River

Quite a different picture from one with a row of combines lined up that we might see today!
-- August, 2022
Ruth Anne Hollands Robinson

Notes: Mum’s Diary – Nov. 26, 1941 - Dad and& Cecil are cutting brush on the road.
                                 - June 2, 1941 - Men are shovelling sod on the road.

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