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​Reader calls for return of Reuse Centre at Kincardine landfill site

April 24, 2023

To the Editor:

I have thought quite a bit about the closure of the Reuse Centre (right) at the Kincardine landfill site. I used it to share my unwanted things and usually picked something up. It was very popular for residents, and pickers from other communities also took from it.

It kept tremendous amounts of articles, large and small, out of the landfill; I’m sure extending its life.

Why can’t we have it? Because some people abused the privilege by not following the rules - as they do for every other service provided by the municipality. Yet, this popular environmental service was ended, because it took employee time to empty it of unwanted stuff once a month or so.

So we, the taxpayers, are expected to allot time to save the environment but the municipality won’t.

I think the key word in this article is popular - seems that’s a negative word in this community.

I want it back! Tell them that.

Shirley Wright

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