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Seniors Matter(s): 60 good ideas for spring activities!

May 19, 2023

Here are 60 good ideas for spring activities:
  1. Go for a walk
  2. Skip rocks
  3. Jump rope
  4. Go for a hike
  5. Find a farmers market and enjoy
  6. Play hopscotch with your grandchildren
  7. Take a nature walk
  8. Fly a kite
  9. Play on any playground equipment that you like
  10. Try star-gazing
  11. Go for a private or public picnic
  12. Build a backyard obstacle course
  13. Look for baby birds
  14. Watch a new movie
  15. Take pictures of nature
  16. Visit a farm
  17. Make a bird feeder
  18. Cook something with fresh vegetables
  19. Walk around downtown and see what's changed
  20. Look for butterflies
  21. Go for a bike ride
  22. Do a random act of kindness
  23. Dance in the first rain of the year
  24. Make a smoothie bowl
  25. Plan and go on a scavenger hunt with your friends
  26. Blow bubbles
  27. Start a do-it-yourself project
  28. Feed the ducks
  29. Enjoy the sunshine
  30. Take a moment outside to read
  31. Do an art project
  32. Play hide-and-seek with anyone if they know what you're doing
  33. Donate and rid all your old winter clothes
  34. Play a board game outside.
  35. Wash your car
  36. Do tai chi outside
  37. Make play dough from scratch, look it up
  38. Try a new sport
  39. Look for daffodils, take pictures
  40. Make homemade bread
  41. Listen to spring music
  42. Make a sensory bin
  43. Go on a nature hunt
  44. Walk a friend’s pet
  45. Go horseback riding (careful!)
  46. Pick up litter but make sure you use your grasper
  47. Go to a live baseball game
  48. Hunt and clean out your books/magazines, etc.
  49. Play tag with someone
  50. Start your planter garden
  51. Make ice cream from scratch
  52. Draw flowers
  53. Help an animal shelter
  54. Start a journal of your summer activities
  55. Pick berries as soon as they're ready
  56. Learn about how plants grow and what you need in your garden
  57. Organize family photos
  58. Volunteer anywhere
  59. Climb a tree as far as you can and enjoy the view
  60. Visit someplace you've never been

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